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Tom Guyette


Phone: 763-438-1613

Email: tom.guyette@gmail.com

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Channeled Healing for Groups and Individuals

Telephone Conference Calls

Personal Energy Enhancements & Healing Guided by your Soul

Releasing Entity Attachments from Adults and Children

Fusing Light, Soul Retrieval, Soul Expansion and Earth Energies into your Body

Messages from and Healing for Departed Loved Ones

Space Clearing for Home and Business - Onsite and Remote

Home and Business Future Location Assessment - Onsite and Remote

Full Moon, New Moon Channeled Healings

Time is Allotted for Individual Questions and Healing

Full Moon, New Moon Channeling Series for 2018
Full Moon at Bhakti Wellness Center, Edina, MN
New Moon in Plymouth, MN
See Below for Event Location
Full Moon - Bhakti Wellness CenterNew Moon - Plymouth, MN
Channeling Cancelled Saturday Jan 5, 2019 7:00 - 8:30 PM CT 
Healing after Elective Surgery  
More to come...
Join by Telephone Conference Call
Please Sign up 2 hrs Early to Receive Email Instructions
Join Us in Person for the Full Moon at Bhakti Wellness Center
Bhakti Wellness Center
Basement Large Conference Room
7550 France Avenue South
Edina, MN

Join Us in Person for the New Moon in Plymouth, MN
For Location
Email tom.guyette@gmail.com
or call 763-438-1613
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Channeled Healing Session Topics include:
Putting Emotion into Motion
Ascending into the Body, Releasing the need to Escape
Reconnecting with Yourself Conception to Birth
Experiencing Happiness in the Body
Establishing New Gaia Terra (Earth Mother) Connection

About Tom:

Tom is a multidimensional intuitive healer and medium. He was drawn to

spiritualityfor healing out of an experience of grief. From that experience,

intuitive gifts and healing abilities have opened for him. Tom is a Hawaiian

Kaula Master and has Reiki Training. He is an electrical, software and

biomedical engineer with medical training. Tom also does space clearing.